About Us

Citafor is a group of independent, privately owned companies headquartered in London, UK. The main activity of the group is international trading of a diverse range of commodities.


As individuals and as a business entity, we are solely committed to one goal – always delivering the best service to our clients! Our goals and our vision of what we want to accomplish provide guidance for us to fulfill our commitment.    


Our Values

We are guided by these four principles in everything we do because we believe they are the key to our successes. Our four core values have enabled us to fully develop our potentials and, at the same time, remain open to constant learning and improvement. We live by these values and we embody them to achieve our goals.


Our passion is the main driving force behind all our actions and decisions. We focus our time and energy on what we do and we have the freedom to enjoy what we do. 


We share an uncompromising attitude and commitment to our vision and our long-term goals. We are determined to achieve excellence in all our endeavors. We deploy extra effort to execute our vision, our goals and our plans. Our willpower to succeed allows us to be the best and to achieve greatness.


Trust is essential for healthy, long-term relationships which foster sustainability and growth. We are determined to building trust-based relationships through mutual respect, high moral credibility and exemplary personal conduct.


We possess the courage to live our dreams and to make our future. It is always the right time for us. Our gratitude, tolerance and respect for others enable us to seize every moment to act on our vision and on our goals, as well as, to empower others to act.